Perlinx UI - Assets

Democratizing the trading of real-world assets through decentralized finance

PerlinX, Singapore

PerlinX is a liquidity engine that aims to democratise the trading of real-world assets such as USD, gold, and carbon through decentralized liquidity pools and synthetic asset generation.

I worked on designing an interface for users to interact with the PerlinX liquidity engine, with a focus on making it easier for users who are new to the DeFi space. Users are able to mint synthetic assets by staking PERL tokens as collateral, join liquidity pools, and earn rewards.

This was an ongoing project where I worked on multiple versions of the user interface and conducted user research and testing sessions to refine and simplify the overall user experience.

PerlinX UI - Managing asset position
PerlinX UI - Liquidity pools
PerlinX UI - Redeeming assets

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