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Designing a secure way to present medical information

AOKpass, Singapore

I worked on designing the UI/UX of AOKpass - an app that allows users to securely present medical information using blockchain technology. This app was launched together with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International SOS, and SGS and has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal , and Channel News Asia.

With Covid-19 vaccinations being developed and a lot of places requiring workers to be tested, the AOKpass team was looking at a way for users to securely share their medical status without having to sacrifice their privacy.

Key to this solution was to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised yet secure solution to storing medical records.

I designed a mobile app where users can create a profile, store medical records, and present their passes as required. The mobile app interfaces with the underlying blockchain technology and connects with the attesters (doctors / medical labs) for them to verify the records - all without the users medical info leaving their device.

Overview of the process

Understanding overall user journey and user needs

We identified three key users and looked at the overall user journey to understand offline flows and how the different users interacted. The experience of getting a medical record attested is a largely offline experience, therefore it was a primary consideration when designing this app.


Building a POC and gathering initial feedback

We focused on building an initial proof-of-concept (POC). This was quickly designed and developed, and in matter of weeks we had real users using it via Testflight and providing valuable feedback for us to improve the product.


Designing and improving UI/UX based on feedback

An improved experience was designed incorporating user feedback and additional functionality to cater for different use cases while maintaining a simple overall experience for the user. This was a continuos and iterative process.

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